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A common sense guide to the Internet...


Unfortunately Murphy's Law seems to dictate that there will be unforeseen problems with any form of human endeavour...

The instructions provided, are a guide intended to help you make a dialup connection to the Internet. An understanding of the relevant computer operating system or systems is required to successfully complete them.

While every care has been taken when assembling these instructions, we do not guarantee that they will work in every case. There may be factors beyond our control preventing this.

These external factors may include but are not limited to:

1: Other Software

Any software of that type that is automatically loaded when you load Windows can give rise to problems. These programs can usually be found in your STARTUP Group (or Folder). The conflicting  piece of software may need to be identified and turned off to avoid any further problems.

2: A Computer Virus

Do a scan of your computer to make sure this is not the case! If you do not have Anti-Virus software installed - get some. There are good free anti-virus programs available, so there is no excuse.

3: Non-working or incorrectly setup modem / telephone line

For information see: General Problems

4: A network connection

Settings for connection to another Internet Service Provider or other network connections, can also interfere.

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