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Cryptographic Software

What software tools are there to help keep my information safe from prying eyes?


What is PGP? Pretty Good Privacy or PGP is a hybrid crypto system combining some of the best features of both conventional and public key cryptography.

The combination of the two encryption methods combines the convenience of public key encryption with the speed of conventional encryption. Conventional encryption is much faster than public key encryption. Public key encryption in turn provides a solution to key distribution and data transmission issues. Used together, performance and key distribution are improved without any sacrifice in security.

What is OpenPGP? OpenPGP is the free open source version of PGP

International PGP home page, for freeware versions of PGP outside of US, including source code. Includes many foreign language translations of PGP and manuals.

Silver Key - Self Extraction Encryption

Silver Key Free Edition is a Windows program that can be used for producing self-extracting encrypted files, prior to being sent over the Internet. Your correspondent does not need to have any cryptographic software installed. The only thing the recipient needs to decrypt the data is the right password. Silver Key uses the standard AES cipher.

002 Encryption Tools

002 for XP/Vista/Win 7 is a file encryption system that uses the AES Encryption Algorithm. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), also known as Rijndael, is a block cipher adopted as an encryption standard by the U.S. government. It has been analysed extensively and is now used worldwide

Veracrypt - Disc Encryption

Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

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