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Downloading 1

Choose with Care!
Not only is it impossible to download everything, what you download may contain the unwanted bagage of virus and trojan horse code so...

Wherever possible use a Local site. You will usually get a faster file transfer with fewer errors.

Use a Download Manager for increasing the efficiency of downloads.

For Windows users Flashget was the tool to use but as of about 2014 development appears to have ceased. You could also try the older Flashget Classic for a simple 'no frills' download manager.

Flashget Downloads - http://www.flashget.com/en/download.html

An open source alternative is available from http://freedownloadmanager.org/

Download into a pre-determined directory when you select a downloadable file in your Web browser, a dialogue box will open asking you where to save the file. You can then save the file to the folder of your choice. To help find the file later, create and use a single folder for this. Call it say... Download.

File Compression

Most files on the Net are in a compressed form called an archive. The process of compression reduces the size of the file in preparation for electronic storage and transfer.

Compressed files for Windows operating system is usually have an .EXE, .ZIP or .RAR extension.

EXE files files will do one of 3 things...

  • Automatically unpack files
  • Unpack and install software
  • Run as a Windows Applicaion

Just double-click on it using any file manager. To avoid unnecessary complications later, copy or move the .EXE file into an empty directory first, then run it.

To unpack ZIP files requires the use of a utility such as WinZip. Similarly you need a program such as WinRar to access RAR files.

WinZip and WinRar are commercial file compression and archiving programs that fully integrate with the Windows File Manager - Windows Explorer - to recognise not only ZIP and RAR files respectively, but many other file compression formats as well...

A freeware alternative called Zip Genius will open both Zip and Rar files. Zip Genius is available for Win 98/Me/XP/Vista/7/8 from www.zipgenius.it or www.zipgenius.com

7-Zip - http://www.7-zip.org - https://www.7-zip.org/

RAR Expander - MAC - http://sourceforge.net/projects/rarexpander/ - Note: Has not been updated recently.

With Windows XP basic support for Zip files has been built into the operating system.

Keeping Safe...

Viruses are a serious threat to computer users. Files downloaded from the Internet provides a whole new avenue for your machine to get infected, resulting in data being damaged or destroyed.

Anti-virus software which scans incoming files is essential to help prevent this.

To be of any use they must be keep up-to-date in order to detect the latest viruses.

Free Anti Virus Software

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